Our water is captured just south of Austin in Buda so our transportation carbon footprint is low. Each purchase supports local jobs. Buda was chosen because of high standards of air quality, availability of square footage for the collection surface, convenience of distribution along the I-35 corridor, and nearby population centers.

Our Buda Sky Springs™ is classified as a Public Water System in Texas. It’s regulated by several state and national agencies and our local team is required to be licensed and certified according to industry standards.


We use a metered process designed and approved by the EPA and TCEQ for rainwater collection. The facility has a 150,000 square foot collection surface. We have three 65,000-gallon tanks inside. Our total possible collection is 3.5 million gallons annually, which produces about 22 million half-liter units. Fossil fuels are not used prior to bottling. We produce our own bottles onsite and can produce up to 5000 bottles per hour.