Healthy, chemical-free and ultra-pure bottled water.

We’ve been told that water from a spring or stream is cleaned as the ground filters the water. Yet whatever water touches, it becomes. This means most natural sources of water contain metals, bacteria, organic matter like feces and/or pharmaceuticals. Rain offers the best opportunity to collect water from natural sources before water absorbs ground contaminates and unwanted additives. Because we capture rain, Sky Springs rainwater never touches the ground and never absorbs ground pollutants. Our innovative approach to collecting rainwater ensures only the purest rainwater is collected.


Nature’s distillation process of precipitation combined with Sky Springs™ innovative production methods yield the lowest Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of any natural water source product. Both Sky Springs™ rainwater and Agana rainwater are produced in our Buda Sky Springs™ and are from the naturally purest raw water source in the country. Our rainwater is 20 times purer than Evian, 14 times purer than Fiji and 2 times as pure as Smartwater and Voss.

Comparison of total dissolved solids (TDS)

We use no chemicals in our rainwater collection, storage or bottling processes. Instead we use gravity, carbon filtration, ozone, and gentle UV light to filter our rainwater. This means we don’t use industry norms like chlorine and ammonia as these have been associated with carcinogens in drinking water.

Our chemical free promise extends even to the bottle. Our plastic is not only BPA free, ENSO RESTORE™ landfill biodegradability is 32.7% in 10 months in an anaerobic landfill and both the bottle and cap are 100% recyclable.

Our reward is healthy, great tasting water – We produce just about the best tasting water in the world. It’s true. We have the awards to prove it! Silver Medal in the 2013 International Water Tasting Contest, fifth place in 2014.