Rainwater is naturally pure.

We’ve been told that water from a spring or stream is cleaned as the ground filters the water. Yet whatever water touches, it becomes. This means most natural sources of water contain metals, bacteria, organic matter or pharmaceuticals. Because we capture rain, Sky Springs rainwater never touches the ground and never absorbs ground pollutants. Unless you are collecting in a dense urban area, rainwater should always be cleaner than surface and ground water. Our innovative approach to collecting rainwater ensures only the purest rainwater is collected.

The hydrological cycle illustration below shows why capturing water at its cleanest point is important, and why rainwater is the purest source of natural drinking water available.

Hydrological cycle

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We help maintain the purity.

Our filtering and bottling processes are chemical free from start to finish. Our chemical free promise extends even to the bottle. Our plastic is not only BPA free, ENSO RESTORE™ landfill biodegradability is 32.7% in 10 months in an anaerobic landfill, and both the bottle and cap are 100% recyclable.

Our reward is healthy, great tasting water.

We produce just about the best tasting water in the world. It’s true. We have the awards to prove it!

Silver Medal in the 2013 International Water Tasting Contest

Silver Medal, 2013 International Water Tasting Contest

Note: Agana Rainwater is produced at our Texas sky spring.