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  • What about acid rain?

    Acid rain is a reality in certain parts of the world, but not here in the Austin area. Acid rain is prevalent in areas with high industrial pollution or areas with high soil pH that receive snow that sits all winter, that does not melt and collects pollutants. The snow with the pollutants evaporates and cycles back into the clouds.

  • How pure is rainwater?

    Rainwater is as clean as the surface it is collected upon and as clean as the air quality. Unless you are collecting in a dense urban area, it should always be cleaner than surface and ground water. Sky Springs captures on very clean collection surfaces with no organic matter above the roof, in a non-industrial rural setting. More.

  • Why have I never heard of people drinking rainwater?

    All water is from rainwater! People have been drinking rainwater since the third century BC. This is an old technology. The Caribbean islands still use this method, as do many ranchers. With the development of public municipal water systems, people have water on demand. Now, the quality of these water systems is in question. To remedy this, Sky Springs taps to the optimal source of drinking water: the sky.

  • Does collecting rainwater rob ground water supplies?

    No. Only 3% of all rainfall actually makes it to an aquifer.

  • Does Sky Springs offer private labeling?

    Yes we do! We can create labels for any group, fundraiser, wedding or special event. Please call or contact us for your personalized bottle of rainwater in a bottle and cap. We use ENSO RESTORE™ plastic in our bottles which have a landfill biodegradability of 32.7% in 10 months in an anaerobic landfill.

  • Is the bottle really biodegradable?

    Absolutely! ENSO RESTORE™ plastic additive has a landfill biodegradability of 32.7% in 10 months in an anaerobic landfill.

  • How does the bottle biodegrade?

    Our bottles are made of PET that are injected with an organic enzyme. This enzyme allows the bottles to biodegrade in a landfill setting or commercial compost by making the PET itself irresistible to microbes. ENSO RESTORE™ landfill biodegradability is 32.7% in 10 months in an anaerobic landfill.

  • Is the bottle recyclable?

    100% recyclable. We urge everyone to recycle!

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