Commercializing Rainwater

pure sustainable local

An Innovative and Disruptive Approach to the Bottled Water Market

Imagine placing a spring of clean water anywhere.

Imagine controlling the flow of the spring as you needed, generating large volumes of water in a controlled manner.

Imagine removing a leg of the supply chain in the bottled water industry by placing your spring next to population centers.

Imagine cutting your carbon footprint and transport costs compared to traditional water sources.

Imagine creating local jobs that made government want to support your business.

Imagine being called you “sustainable”, “innovative”, “profitable” and “local”.

Sky Springs LLC transforms existing warehouses and distribution centers into sustainable sources of pure potable water.

Sky Springs product life cycle

A Sky Springs™ facility collects, harvests, stores, purifies, disinfects and bottles rainwater. The rationale for building sky springs are many.

  • Remove a leg of supply chain and cut the carbon footprint while reducing transport costs;
  • Pure high quality water with low count of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS);
  • Control your own water source;
  • Strong product marketability;
  • Reduce facility runoff;
  • Great tasting water;
  • Create local jobs.

Nedry from Douglas Hillman on Vimeo.

How many bottles can be produced by rainfall?
Phoenix, AZ

New Braunsfels, TX

Portland, OR

Raleigh, NC

Roof Size (sq ft) 1.5 M 1.0 M 750 K 1.0 M
Annual Rainfall (in) 8.5 34.1 43.0 46.1
Rainwater Captured (M gal) 7.9 21.2 20.1 28.8
500mL Bottles (M) 60.1 160.7 152.2 217.8
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