Coming in Fall 2015, Sky Springs will launch a delivery service for 5 gallon jugs and cases of smaller bottles covering the Greater Austin Area.

Delivery Areas & Launch Schedules
Phase One – October 1st, 2015

Zone 1 Buda 78610
Zone 1 Kyle 78640
Zone 4 Downtown Warehouse District 78701
Zone 4 Downtown University of Texas North UT 78712, 78705
Zone 7 West Central Tarrytown 78703
Zone 8 North Central Shoal Creek 78756
Zone 8 North Central Triangle 78731
Zone 8 North Central Hyde Park 78751

Phase Two – January 1, 2016

Zone 3 East East Riverside 78741
Zone 3 East Cesar Chavez 78702
Zone 5 East Central East Mueller 78741, 78741


Phase Three – March 1, 2016

Zone 2 Southpark Meadows & Slaughter 78748
Zone 2 South Sunset Valley/Manchaca 78745
Zone 6 South Central Barton Hills, South Lamar, Travis Heights, Zilker 78704
Zone 9 Lakeway 78738

Introductory Pricing: $7.95 per jug. $.99 delivery charge per jug or case, $7.00 deposit per jug. 3 jug minimum order. Optionally order cases of smaller bottles. Subscription pricing listed here. Ad hoc orders use different pricing.

Better Water

By leveraging nature’s distillation process and our patent pending gravity powered purification process, Sky Springs deliver the lowest Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of any natural water source product at a very low carbon footprint, unlike other water companies that use lots of energy to purify municipal tap water and ground water.

Sky Springs wastes only 2% of water collected. Whereas Reverse Osmosis wastes 50-75% water to create potable water. Because we started in Central Texas, Sky Springs strives to always efficiently handle water.

Responsible Packaging

Our competitors’ bottles are made from plastic #7 polycarbonate, which contains the toxic biphenyl-A (BPA), which has been linked to infertility, hyperactivity, reproductive problems, and other health issues. Sky Springs uses PET plastic which is BPA-Free so that your drinking water does not contain unhealthy chemicals from the packaging!

Sky Springs 5 gallon jugs use OXO biodegradable caps made from conventional plastic to which small amounts of salts have been added. While we always recommend recycling first, if your cap ends up in a landfill, these salts will start the natural degradation process in the presence of oxygen to cause the molecular breakdown of the plastic and continue until it becomes biodegradable material.


Rain is the best opportunity to collect water from natural sources before water absorbs ground contaminates and unwanted additives.

Sky Springs™ model delivers plentiful water in drought prone areas while decreasing carbon footprint.

Our water is captured just south of Austin so our transportation carbon footprint is low. Each purchase also supports local jobs.